ADA BOJANA BEACH – on the idyllic and unspoilt island Ada Bojana „Plaža Ada Bojana

BECICI BEACH – the long pebble beach 2 km outside of Budva „Bečićka plaža

BUDVA OLD TOWN BEACH – the beach in the old town of Budva “Plaža Ričardova Glava”

BULJARICA BEACH – the contrasting one in beautiful nature 4 km south of Petrovac „Plaža Buljarica

HAWAII BEACH – on the island Sveti Nikola „Plaža Hawaii

JAZ BEACH – the beach for water sports near Budva „Plaža Jaz

KAMENOVO BEACH – with  stylish bars and sunbeds „Kamenovo Plaža

LONG BEACH in Ulcinj – with the length of 14 km the longest sandy beach in the south of Montenegro „Velika plaža

LUCICE BEACH – picturesquely surrounded by pine trees in a small bay in Petrovac „Plaža Lučice

MOGREN BEACH – the cliff beach „Plaža Mogren

PETROVAC BEACH – directly in front of Petrovac’s beach promenade „Gradska plaža Petrovac

PLOCE BEACH – the beach club „Plaža Ploče

SVETI STEFAN BEACHES – the beaches in front of Montenegro’s most famous island „Plaža Sveti Stefan

TRSTENO BEACH – in a small idyllic bay near Budva „Plaža Trsteno

VELIKI PIJESAK BEACH – the city beach in Dobra Voda „Plaža Veliki Pijesak


The present pictures & videos come from holidays in the low season (April, May, June, September and October)
and therefore do NOT reflect beach life in the high season!
In the off-season it is just gorgeous and relatively empty

ADA BOJANA BEACH – on the idyllic and unspoilt island Ada Bojana  „Plaža Ada Bojana“

If there is another insider tip among the beaches of Montenegro, then the beaches of Ada Bojana are one of them. The triangular island is located in the southernmost part of Montenegro (15 km from Ulcinj). It is formed by the river Bojana, which forks into the Adriatic Sea on the border with Albania. On the sea side there is a beautiful, long sandy beach.

The sea water is warmer here than in other parts of Montenegro. In the subtropical climate of this island, a diverse flora and fauna thrives between salt and fresh water. Rare species of plants and trees grow here. It is also home to numerous and rare bird species. One could describe the whole island as a large biotope, which for the most part is still completely natural.

The sand is soft, shimmering in different shades in the sun. It contains biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the human musculoskeletal system.

Fans of nudism feel at home on the 3 km long nudist section. Here is one of the most famous European naturist centers, which is also called “Amazonia Europe”.

The island is also a real insider tip for kiters and surfers.

The sand slopes gently into the water, making both swimmers and non-swimmers comfortable.

Ideal for nudists, kiters, surfers, nature lovers, hikers, riders, cyclists and those looking for peace and quiet

advantages of the Ada Bojana beaches

  • natural sandy beach
  • nature reserve
  • Long stretches of nudist beach
  • good winds for surfing & kiting
  • horseback riding on the beach
  • Hiking & cycling

disadvantages of the Ada Bojana beaches

  • crossing costs “entrance fee”
  • few sanitary facilities and restaurants
  • no lifeguards

directions to the Ada Bojana beaches

The island can be reached in about 20 minutes by car from Ulcinj. The crossing costs a fee. There are enough parking spaces.

BECICI BEACH – the long pebble beach 2 km outside of Budva „Bečićka plaža“

Becici Beach is 2 kilometers long and 50 meters wide, the longest pebble beach on Budva’s Riviera. On one side it is connected to the city beach “Slovenska Plaza” by a tunnel. If you walk in the opposite direction, you will reach the small, charming fishing village of Rafailovici without a clear separation. Becici is a mix of Jaz and Kamenovo: calm holiday mood mixed with liveliness. Although many water sports are also offered here, this beach does not seem quite as lively. There are many restaurants and beach bars here. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented from €10 and of course you can also be served directly on the lounger.

Suitable for everyone.

advantages of Becici beach

  • free parking directly on the beach possible
  • enough free space to be able to spread out your towel for free even without rented loungers
  • very good infrastructure

disadvantages of Becici beach

  • full in summer
  • pebble beach

Direction to Becici beach

  • from Budva about 5 minutes by car
  • can be reached directly by foot from Becici
  • it is the “home beach” of the apartment “Glücks-Griff” and can be reached on foot in about 8 minutes.

BUDVA OLD TOWN BEACH – the beach in the old town of Budva “Plaža Ričardova Glava”


This 150 meter long and 25 meter wide pebble beach is located directly in the old town of Budva. It has a picturesque location and offers a great view of the old city walls and the citadel. There is a pier in the middle of the beach. There are many bars and restaurants.

Ideal for people who like hustle and bustle and a party atmosphere. Or, for those who want to take a break on the beach after sightseeing and want to get there on foot.


advantages of the city beach of Budva-Oldtown

  • located directly on the promenade of Budva’s Oldtown, therefore very central
  • great view of the old city walls and the citadel

disadvantages of the city beach of Budva-Oldtown

  • very small, therefore always very fullr
  • elatively noisy as many bars and restaurants are located directly behind it
  • you could feel like you’re on a “presentation plate”

direction to the city beach of Budva-Oldtown

  • within walking distance
  • paid parking

BULJARICA BEACH – the contrasting one in beautiful landscape – 4 km south of Petrovac “Plaža Buljarica”

Further east from Petrovac, Buljarica Beach stretches out between the Adriatic Sea, pine forests, olive groves and the mountain range. A swamp area nearby attracts many birds. A beautiful hike (about 4 km) leads from Petrovac through the Mediterranean landscape to this 2,4 km long pebble beach.

During the holiday season the contrast between the two ends of Buljarica beach is quite apparent. At one end there is a buzzing beach scene around the bars and cafes, where you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas. On the other part of the beach you can find a peaceful spot to relax and spread out your  towel and take in the scenery. Here you will find also a nudist area.

The beach is more pebbly as you head away from the crowds, but the backdrop is the same; a verdant plain bookmarked by impressive forested headlands. Beyond the fields the coast rises up to the ubiquitous mountains that define much of the Montenegro coast.

Ideal for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.

advantages of the Buljarica beach

  • long and quite beach
  • beautiful and natural landscape
  • enough parking places
  • nudist area on the south part of the beach

disadvantages of the Buljarica beach

  • no life guards (out of the season)
  • pebble beach (better to bring shoes)
  • full during the season (there are always many locl people as this beach is cheaper than the beaches near Budva)

direction to Buljarica beach

It is about a 25-minute walk from Petrovac and about 10 minutes by car. Sufficient parking spaces are available near the beach.

HAWAII BEACH on the island Sveti Nikola „Plaža Hawaii“

Sveti Nikola Island is the largest island of Montenegro (1.750 m x 350 m) and it lays 1 km from the oldtown of Budva in the ocean. The island is also known as „Hawaii“, because of the water around it, which has got that tropical blue color and crystal clearness. Formerly there has been a restaurant on the island with that name. The locals also call it „Skolj“ (from the Italian word „scoglio“, which means „rock“).

Sveti Nikola is named after the 16th-century Church of St. Nicholas which sits on the northern side of the island facing Budva. Saint Nikola was considered as a protector of sailors. The southern flank of Sveti Nikola features some beautiful secret beaches that are only accessible by private boats or kayaks. They are small but incredibly picturesque.

Perfect for snorkeling, cliff jumping, diving and swimming.

advantages of the HAWAII BEACH

  • extremely clear water
  • stunning azure colour of the sea
  • breathtaking vistas
  • serene atmosphere
  • Coming by boat to the Hawaii beach is already fun and you have beautiful views over the coast

disadvantages of the HAWAII BEACH

  • Only reachable by boat (two-way-ticket cost about 5,- €)
  • Sharp rocks and big pebbles, therefore you better bring water shoes
  • no sand beach
  • Quite expensive, sunbeds are up to 20,- € per day
  • Not many toilets and showers available
  • You arenot allowed to bring your own food or drinks

direction to HAWAII BEACH

During the summer season boats, ferries and cutters are going from Slovenska Beach, Becici Beach and Mogren Beach every half hour for about 5,- € for a two-way-ticket)

VELIKI PIJESAK BEACH – the city beach in Dobra Voda “Plaža Veliki Pijesak”

This pebble beach is 400 meters and up to 50 meters wide and is located directly on the beach promenade of Dobra Voda and is approx. 8 km away from the port city of Bar. There is a large paid parking lot almost directly on the beach. The water gets deep here fairly quickly, making it more suitable for swimmers.

A part of the beach has restricted access and the beach facilities are only available to hotel guests. However, there are enough restaurants and beach bars with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and toilets.

Furthermore, various water sports such as catamarans or jet skis are offered. During the season, this beach is monitored by a lifeguard.

Actually for everyone – except those looking for peace and quiet and nature lovers – they are certainly better off on another beach.

Advantages of the beach of Dobra Voda

  • Located directly on the promenade of Dobra Voda
  • well suited for swimmers

  • Perfect if you want to bridge the time until dinner or sunset with a visit to the beach, as there are many good restaurants and bars right on the beach promenade

Disadvantages of the beach of Dobra Voda

  • very crowded to overcrowded in summer
  • You are lying kind exposed right on the beach promenade

Directions to the beach of Dobra Voda

  • directly on foot from Dobra Voda
  • from Budva by car in about 40 minutes
  • from Bar by car in about 15 minutes

LONG BEACH in Ulcinj – with the length of 14 km the longest sandy beach in the south of Montenegro “Velika plaža”

The city of Ulcinj is located in the south-eastern region of the Balkan state of Montenegro, bordering on the border with Albania. The Velika Plaza is located about 11 km outside of the old town of Ulcinj.

Velika Plaza fully lives up to its name – translated it means “big beach”. It stretches 14 kilometers along the Adriatic coast. This beautiful sandy beach shimmers in gray gold and is up to 100 meters wide and stretches majestically towards the deep blue sea. This coloring is created by the interaction of dark volcanic stones and fine quartz. A bathing dream! Or to make what feels like “endless walks” on the beach!

The transition to the sea is gently sloping, so that children can play safely in the water. Meanwhile, parents and friends can sunbathe on the sun loungers.The wind picks up especially from September, which draws kiters and surfers into the powerful waves. If you want to try this sport, you can rent the necessary equipment at the beach bars.

Long Beach is divided into different sections operated by different beach clubs. They offer infrastructure, toilets and shower facilities, water sports activities and the rental of sun loungers and parasols.

Between these sections there are also many “free areas” that can be used free of charge.

Particularly suitable for families with children, beach walkers and campers. For kiters and surfers from September. And for all sandy beach lovers.

Advantages of "Long Beach"

  • beautiful, white sandy beach
  • perfect for long walks on the beach barefoot
  • very shallow water therefore perfect for children
  • enough space to spread your towel without renting a sunbed
  • sports: kite surfing, beach volleyball, SUP and tennis
  • parking is possible directly at the spot (but some parking spaces are subject to a fee)
  • sports: kite surfing, beach volleyball, SUP and tennis
  • enough space to spread your towel without renting a sunbed
  • Excursion to Shasko Lake
  • There are also many campsites there – right on the beach

Disadvantages of "Long Beach"

  • from Kotor, Budva oder Becici a long journey – by car approx. 1,5 hours.
  • in summer there is a lot of activity on the water

Direction to Long Beach

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Ulcinji Old Town

PETROVAC BEACH directly in front of Petrovac’s promenade “Gradska plaža Petrovac”

Petrovac Beach is located at the  promenade of Petrovac na moru. This small town with its charming little old town is a very popular tourist resort on the Riviera and is located on a bay. The water is crystal clear and the sand has a slightly red tint.

It’s a relaxing and upscale resort with fewer clubs and beach parties than Budva.

Petrovac Beach offers a great view of the former Lastva Castle and is known for its 800-meter-long city beach and beautiful promenade. A large bathing area, separated from the part of the bay reserved for boats, is protected by lifeguards and is equipped with all amenities, including several rows of sun loungers.

At the eastern end of the town is the small and beautiful bay “Lucice Beach” (can be easily reached on foot in 5 minutes from here).

Suitable for families with children and  for vacationers who are looking for relaxation, as there is less “party mile” here

Advantages of Petrovac Beach

  • nice pebbles beach with a beautiful view to the old fortress
  • good infrastructure with sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, etc.
  • wonderful to stroll along the promenade and simply enjoy

Disadvantages of Petrovac Beach

  • in summer there are difficutlies in finding a parking space
  • very crowded in the season
  • big pebbles, threfore better bring bathng shoes

Direction to Petrovac Beach

  • It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Budva and there is parking right on the beach.
  • You can also reach Lucice Beach on foot from Petrovac.

SVETI STEFAN BEACHES – the beaches in front of Montenegro’s most famous island “Plaža Sveti Stefan”

Another highlight are the beautiful beaches of Sveti Stefan.

The peninsula of Sveti Stefan is one of the most famous sights of Montenegro – it used to be inhabited by fishermen and today there is a luxurious hotel complex.

The beaches of Sveti Stefan are very often described as pink sandy beaches, but these are rather very fine pebble beaches that glow soft pink in the sunshine. The sea in front of it is crystal clear and creates a great contrast.

The western section of King’s Beach (today also known as Miločer Beach) is mostly empty. This is due to the steep prices! An umbrella with two loungers costs just 120 euros! The villa and surrounding manicured parkland was once the summer residence of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

Queen’s Beach is next to it. This bay is 120 m long, with cypresses and olive trees in the hinterland. It was named after former Queen Maria Karadjordjevic and was one of her favorite places.

The eastern section of Sveti Stefan Beach is significantly cheaper, although still more expensive than other beaches in Montenegro. Because the water gets deep quickly, the beach is particularly good for swimming.

There is a car park where you can conveniently park your vehicle for the duration of your stay.

We recommend taking the footpath from “Przno Beach” through the forest via “Queen’s Beach” and “Milocer Beach” to “Sveti Stefan Beach”. The views from there are simply breathtaking over the various bays and the path through the forest is shady and very pleasant.

Perfect for swimmers and luxury lovers

Advantages of Sveti Stefan Beaches

  • incredible views of the offshore island
  • Infrastructure and restaurants, cafes nearby
  • many Hollywood stars like Sophia Loren stayed here in the early days
  • the water gets deep quickly so very good for swimming

Disadvantages of Sveti Stefan Beaches

  • pebble beach
  • Part luxurious “private beach” to which one does not have access
  • Couches, sun screens as well as gastronomy very expensive
  • can get very crowded in high season

Directions to Sveti Stefan Beaches

  • About 15 minutes drive from Budva (about 10 kilometers from Budva)
  • There are also buses from Budva.

LUCICE BEACH – pituresquely surrounded by pine trees in a small bay in Petrovac “Plaža Lučice”

The small dreamlike bay Lucice Beach can be seen as a little insider tip. It spreads out in front of a forest of cypresses and pines and from the beach you can admire the picturesque scenery with the two offshore islands of Katic and Sveta Nedelja. Lucice Beach is located on the eastern outskirts of Petrovac. From there it is easily accessible on foot (you only have to cross a rocky outcrop)

It is located on the eastern outskirts of Petrovac. From there you can also easily reach it on foot (you only have to cross a rocky spur).

In contrast to the Petrovac Beach described above, it is usually quieter here and there are no jet skis or speed boats here. There is a nice beach bar on the right side of the beach. It is integrated directly into the rocks and lies under shady trees.
From here you can reach the next beach (Buljarica Beach) via a small, slightly mountainous path with great pine trees. This short “walk” to Buljarica Beach takes you about 25 minutes – but it’s definitely worth it!

Ideal for those seeking peace, families and for swimming.

Advantages of Lucice Beach

  • stunning setting
  • small but fine strech of beach in this bay
  • beach chairs and umbrellas ca be borrowed for a fee
  • small, but very nice bar on the right side of the bay – directly in the rock

Disadvantages of Lucice Beach

  • not many parking spaces on the beach, so it is best to park the car in Petrovac and walk there
  • very full during high season

direction to Lucice Beach

  • from Budva it takes approx. 20 minutes by car

PLOCE BEACH – the beach club “Plaža Ploče”

“Ploce Beach” is located on the Adriatic coast about 9 km north of Budva near the village of Krimovica and is surrounded by picturesque rock formations of volcanic origin. This 10,000 m2 beach complex is quite simply the place to be for young people to party! There are countless seawater pools and sun terraces that blend into the landscape in terraces. There are also pools with umbrellas and tables where you can sip cocktails without leaving the water. Various DJs perform here every day. However, there are also another four swimming pools just for children. You also have the option of renting a boat, jet skiing or snorkeling. For the little ones there is a playroom with professional staff, as well as swimming lessons for non-swimmers.

Ideal for young people who like party, cocktails and DJ’s and cool beach parties. Peace seekers will not feel comfortable here – at least in the main season.

Advantages of Ploce Beach

  • the complex with all the pools and sun terraces is absolutely special and beautiful
  • perfect beach to party, formusic, to chill
  • Some of the pools are filled with sea water
  • There are enough loungers, showers, toilets, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Disadvantages of Ploce Beach

  • In summer it is full to crowded
  • Lots of young, party people and loud music

Direction to Ploce Beach

  • from Budva in about 20 minutes by car
  • bus connection from Budva
  • there is also a taxi boat from Budva

TRSTENO BEACH in a small idyllic bay near Budva “Plaža Trsteno”

Trsteno Beach is located about 5 km north of Budva and is a beautiful sandy beach. The ambiance is picturesque. Holm oaks, pines and oaks surround the bay. The gentle waves run gently onto the flat beach. Children dig undisturbed in the sand and romp on the shore. A beach bar offers refreshment with small snacks.

Perfect for families with children and nature lovers

Advantages of Trsteno Beach

  • fine golden sandy beach
  • gently sloping water and therefore also suitable for children
  • turquoise clear water
  • picturesque backdrop

Disadvantages of Trsteno Beach

  • beach chairs and umbrellas expensive
  • it gets crowded in the summer
  • no lifeguards

Anfahrt zum Trsteno Beach

Reachable by car from Budva in about 15 minutes. There is a paid parking lot.

JAZ BEACH – the beach for water sports near Budva “Plaža Jaz”

Jaz Beach is located about 5 km outside of Budva. With 2.5 km lenghts it’s one of the longest and busiest beaches in Montenegro. With its light pebbles, interspersed with sand, and the crystal-clear, clean water, Lonely Planet even voted it the most beautiful beach in Europe. Eerlier it also was known for the Sea Dance Festival that used to take place here.

There are numerous shops, restaurants and bars right on the beach. Sun loungers with umbrellas can be hired for 10,- €.

There is a wide range of water sports on offer here! Jet ski, fly board, water ski, kayak, etc. There is a water park for the little ones. And underwater there is also a lot to see for snorkelers.

There is a large car park, which is free of charge in the off-season. In the high season you have to pay a  parking fee of 2,- €.

Ideal for sporty, active or families with children.

advantages of Jaz Beach

  • large range of water sports
  • good infrastructure with a lot of bars und restaurants
  • familyfriendly
  • Lifeguard
  • large parking space with lots of shade (free of charge outside the season)

disadvantages of Jaz Beach

  • mostly very full
  • noisy from all the onsite activities

direction to Jaz Beach

Reachable by car from Budva in about 15 minutes. Buses also go here.

KAMENOVO BEACH with stylish bars and sunbeds “Kamenovo Plaža”

South-facing Kamenovo Beach is about halfway between Budva and Sveti Stefan. This pebble beach nestles between the rocks in front of turquoise blue water. The sunset is particularly spectacular here – a fantastic play of colors is created in front of the mountain backdrop with its green vegetation. Due to the location, the sunset here is also later than in Budva or Becici.

Small waves and slightly deep water make Kamenovo suitable for families.

There are stylish bars and restaurants with cool daybeds – just a nice ambience.

In addition to the beach clubs with loungers and parasols, there is a relatively large amount of free space where you can spread out your towel free of charge.

Also suitable for families with children, as well as for those seeking peace and quiet with a desire for a nice ambience.

Advantages of Kamenovo Beach

  • nice restaurants and beach bars with stylish sunbeds
  • beautiful (and due to the western location) later sunsets
  • familyfriendly
  • slightly slpoing water
  • children’s playground
  • Lifeguard during high season

Disadvantages of Kamenovo Beach

  • pebble beach
  • during the summer crowded

Direction to Kamenovo Beach

Easily accessible via the coastal road – about 5 km from Budva. Alternatively, it can also be reached on foot via a tunnel from Rafailovici. About 300 meters above on the southern part of the beach there is a larger, shady parking lot, which is chargeable (3,- €). At the north end of the beach there is a narrow driveway that is free of charge.

MOGREN BEACH – the cliff beach “Plaža Mogren”

“Mogren Beach” is within walking distance from the old town of Budva. Even if you don’t want to go to the beach, this walk along the coast is worthwhile. First you pass the famous sculpture “The Dancer” and then you walk directly below the cliffs along the sea and automatically get to the beach.

The small gravel section nestles picturesquely between high cliffs. It is a pebbly beach with a rock in the middle. Therefore, the beach seems more like two beaches connected by a small tunnel. One side is 80 meters long (Mogren 1) and the other 150 meters (Mogren 2). It has often been cited as one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

It’s a quiet oasis without a lot of water sports and has a wonderful view of Budva’s old town.

There are also restaurants and beach bars here. For two sun loungers with a parasol you can expect around 15,- €.

Finish off with a walk to the ruins of Mogren Fort or up to Vista Point. The magical landscape is an absolute must! The sheer cliffs and distant mountain ranges offer stunning photo opportunities!

Ideal for peace seekers and cliff lovers. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Advantages of Mogren Beach

  • Fantastic scenery between rock
  • Magnificent view of Budva’s Oldtown
  • Relatively relaxed, albeit quite crowded in the summer
  • Within walking distance from Budva
  • Suitable for snorkeling

Disadvantages of Mogren Beach

  • only accessible on foot via Budva
  • pebble beach
  • No lifeguards
  • No parking directly on the beach

Directions to Mogren Beach

Accessible only on foot! A small, fantastically beautiful footpath leads directly past the statue “The Dancer”. You walk along the coast below the rocks and you automatically reach the beach.

Since it can only be reached on foot, there is no direct parking on the beach.

The beaches of Montenegro summarized in one Video

Informations about beaches in Montenegro

We have put together an overview of the most important information about beaches in Montenegro for you.

When is the best time for a beach holiday in Montenegro?

The best time to travel is from mid-April to mid-October. The summer months of July and August are the “high season”. Everything is full to partially overcrowded and also more expensive than off-season. It can also get extremely hot at the time – up to 40 degrees.
On the other hand, these two months are ideal for a party holiday – all the clubs are open and there is endless nightlife.

Are there sandy beaches in Montenegro?

Yes – but sandy beaches are only in the south. Otherwise there are pebble or pebble-sand beaches

Can you snorkel in Montenegro?

But of course – the water is wonderfully clear and invites you to do so.

Are the beaches in Montenegro suitable for families?

Look at the description of the individual beaches – many of them are ideal for families.

In which area are the most beautiful beaches?

You will find many beautiful stretches of beach around the municipality of Budva. However, the most beautiful pure sandy beaches are in the south of Montenegro. Ulcinj and the island of Ada Bojana can be reached in 1.5 hours from Budva. This may seem like a long time to some, but it’s definitely worth it.

Where can you find pristine beaches in Montenegro?

Lonely beaches are the Zagorski pijesak and the Plaza Crvena glavica.

I’m still young. In which holiday resorts or on which beaches in Montenegro can I party?

If you mainly value “party” on vacation, then Budva is the first choice for you. Budva is also called “Ibiza of the Balkans” in high season.

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