Petrovac “na moru” (Petrovac “by the sea”) is a small, charming coastal town in Montenegro. It is located in a small bay right on the coastal road between the two well-known  travel destinations of Budva and Bar. Unfortunately, this place is often overlooked or underestimated – but Petrovac has a lot of charm and beauty to offer! It is known for its picturesque old town, which offers a mix of        medieval charm and Mediterranean serenity. The traditional red tiled roofs of the old stone houses contrast beautifully with the deep blue waters of the Adriatic and the lush green hills in the background.

Petrovac has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Walking through the narrow streets of the village, one can discover the remains of Roman settlements, including ancient mosaics and ruins. There is also a beautiful 16th century church with beautiful frescoes.

At the northern end of the town are the remains of the Venetian fortress “Castel Lastua” from the 16th century, which gave the town its name until 1918. It towers high above the city and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. The former hospital is also located a little further west. The restored walls now house a restaurant.

The approx. 800 m long city beach consists of fine reddish sand. Along this beach promenade there are many nice restaurants, small bars and tourist shops and cafes that invite you to linger. At the south end of the beach behind a 10 m long tunnel is the idyllically located in the rock restaurant “Ponta”. They serve incredibly great fish dishes.

From the beach you can also see the two islands “Sveta Nedjela” and “Sveta Katice”, which are      approx. 1.5 km offshore. On the island of Sveta Nedjela, a small Orthodox church was built by        stranded sailors, which you can of course also visit.

The picturesque, small beach “Lučice Beach” is located at the eastern exit of the town and can be easily reached on foot from there (you have to go over a rocky spur). On the right side of the beach is the restaurant “Pinus Maritimum”. It is beautifully situated – in different levels – carved directly into the rock and the pine trees growing above it provide pleasant shade.

Overall, Petrovac is a hidden gem in Montenegro worth exploring. With its natural beauty, rich history and culture, and diverse recreational opportunities, this charming coastal town offers something for every taste. That’s why it’s always popular with holidaymakers and locals.

  • HIKING in Petrovac: Discover the beauty on foot!

Petrovac is surrounded by dense pine forests, olive groves and vineyards and mountainous terrain. From scenic coastal paths to more challenging mountain hikes, the trails cater for all tastes and fitness levels. It’s a wonderful way to discover the natural beauty and diversity of this region!

Hiking trails along the coast
Petrovac’s coast is lined with beautiful hiking trails that run along the rocky coast and offer spectacular views of the azure waters of the Adriatic. One of the most popular coastal paths is the path along Petrovac Bay. It starts in the center of the city and runs along the coast to neighboring bays and beaches. This hike not only offers scenic views but also the opportunity to relax and swim on secluded beaches.

Mountain hikes
For those seeking a greater challenge, Petrovac’s surrounding mountains offer a variety of hiking options. The 1,183 meter high Vrsuta mountain is a popular destination for hikers and offers spectacular views of the coast and the surrounding interior. However, the climb to the summit of Vrsuta requires physical fitness.

Hiking trail to Gradiste Monastery
Another popular hiking trail leads to Gradiste Monastery. This historic monastery still towers over the city. The trail starts near the city center and leads through picturesque olive groves and forests directly to the monastery, which has a rich history and beautiful views. This hike is ideal for those who want to combine culture and nature.

More hiking trails and exploration tours
There are many other opportunities for hiking and exploring in the Petrovac area. Another popular route leads along the coast to Budva, with its medieval charm and lively atmosphere. This hike offers the opportunity to experience the coast from a different perspective and discover hidden coves and beaches along the way. Another option is a short hike to the village of Rezevici, which is only a few kilometers away. This charming village is known for its medieval architecture and idyllic location surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees.

General tips for hikers
You should ensure that you wear appropriate hiking shoes and clothing and have enough water and food. It is also advisable to take a GPS device and/or a map with you

Strand in Petrovac

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